About IAAN

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About Us

Welcome Students!

Media calling! Our aim is to provide a high quality professional education - theoretical and practical to turn out students who on passing out can join the media profession with skill and confidence. Remember, there is no shortcut to success in any profession, more so in journalism and mass communication. Our highly experienced faculty will help and guide you at every stage and we welcome you.
Best wishes for your career in Mass Media & Journalism.

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Years of Experience

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IAAN School of Mass Communication is a Leading College of Journalism and Mass Communication (ISMC) for Graduate and Post-Graduate Levels. Established in 1999, ISMC conducts several Mass Media related Degree and Diploma Courses in Association with Makhanlal University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal.

ISMC is a Unit of Prabhu Dayal Kasera Charitable Trust which is a part of IAAN Group. Inc; a consortium of Companies, NGO's and Foundations working in the fields of education, media production, newspaper publishing, satellite channel, global exchange of ideas, social empowerment and community welfare.

About Us

IAAN School of Mass Communication (ISMC) is amongst the top Media, Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges in Delhi NCR, INDIA-

IAAN is distinct from most colleges of media studies. Ever since its foundation in 1999, its vision has been to provide high quality media education to students who aspire to join the ranks of High Professionals in the Media Industry.

ISMC is a unit of Prabhu Dayal Keser Charitable Trust, a charitable organization, and is hence free from the constraints of a commercial organization. This solemn fact enables us to provide the best education and infrastructure in our field, with the most recognized and experienced faculty who teach as well as work directly in print and broadcast media.

Above all, it is our mission to create and nurture high quality media professionals like print journalists, television anchors, radio jockeys, TV producers and editors etc. who are not only able to secure a specialized skillset for themselves but go on to become the leading voices of the country.

The Institute has been approved by Government of India and is also ISO 9001 Standard Certified.

Our Vision

  • To achieve excellence in the field of Media, Journalism & Mass Communication.
  • To collaborate with reputed Foreign Universities for an internationally recognized degree of Journalism & Mass Communication Courses in addition to the existing international agreements.
  • To expand the IAAN network nationally & globally.
  • To launch an Television Channel in the near future.
  • IAAN Express to be a truly National daily newspaper with circulation throughout the Union of India.
  • To create our own University, specializing in New Media Technologies

Face to Face with M.D. (Theoretical & Practical Classes)

We at IAAN believe that there should be a sync between the Faculty, Management, Parents & Students. Thus, through "Face to Face with M.D." IAANIANS are given rare and valuable insight into the reknown knowledge and experience of the Managing Director, who takes special classes to strengthen and encourage students to learn the changing ground realities in media with a special emphasis on New Media Technologies.

Print Media

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword. "IAAN Express" is the Registered Newspaper of IAAN through which students are given practical training in all aspects related to Print Media. Writing Articles, Features and Editorials along with Editing, Proof Reading, Creative Writing, Designing and all Aspects of Print Publication form an integral part of IAAN Express.

Theatre & Drama in Media

Drama enhances Verbal and Non-Verbal Expression of Ideas. It improves Voice Modulation, Speech Therapy, Fluency of Language and Speech Dominance. "AKS" is the Theatre Group of IAAN through which students learn how to express and communicate the who, what, where and why to an Audience.

Live Training & Practical Skills in Mass Media, Journalism and New Media Technologies

Every year IAANIANS are taken to an Educational Tour where students are required to make a Documentary of their own. Proceeding from beginner's to an advanced level, students have the opportunity to master their creative skills. The Tour gives Students the extra boost of confidence they need to sustain as professionals in the Industry. It works as an excellent practical exposure for production activities including shooting and editing. This is also assessed as a part of their practical work.

20 Years of Experience in Journalism & Mass Communication

IAAN celebrated its Crystal Anniversary in 2015 and is proud to be a Family to many Successful Journalists, Media Professionals and Students working in various fields and leading successful & settled lives. We at IAAN ensure that you are provided with an excellent learning environment enabled by our long experience in the field of Media and supported by our experienced Faculty from different Media Houses. Remember, Experience Matters, but Eagerness to Learn Matters More.

State of the Art Real Life Studio

The IAAN Studio is State of the Art and is designed to aesthetically Produce Commercial Assignments & Professional Production Related Work. It is equipped with a Shooting Floor, Chroma Facilities, Teleprompter Projection & Audio Visual Production Equipments including HD professional cameras, Latest Video and Sound Editing, MCR , PCR and Multi-Cam Setup. The Studio has Produced Multiple Commercial Films and Assignments for the Govt. of India and its different Agencies, including various State Governments.


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