Photo Gallery

Our Photo Gallery showcases photos from across our Colleges, Companies, Foundations, Trust and Media Entities, covering recent years at IAAN. To view pictures in detail, please click the title picture of your choice and the photo library within will be accessible. You can also choose our group companies from the menu on the top left.

Capturing Harmony

A Specially Curated photo series showcasing love and harmony in the shadows of Delhi Riots

Parliament of India

On the 250 Year Anniversary of Vivekananda Ji's Historic Chicago Address with President of India

Artificial Intelligence

Special Courses in A.I. with Embassy of Afghanistan, under the Neighbourhood First Policy

Bollywood Connect

We are a Industry Bollywood Partner for Decades now, with multiple movies and series under our Banner

Construction & Finance

IAAN builds and overseas school buildings across India providing young students with a safe educational infrastructure

Doordarshan Show

We have a long standing Partnership with Doordarshan for the Special Series Aadhi Aabadi since the past 15 years

Film Festivals

IAAN Curates and Organises Festival across India and the World in collaboration with the Govt. of India


Indian Cinema is largest in the World and as members of the Fraternity, we produce, direct and finance film projects and Host Premieres

Movie Competitions

The College Hosts Special Student Film Competitions on a Pan India basis, to bring out the best of creative talents to the Industry

National School of Drama

IAAN and NSD are Institutional Partners on a wide array of theatrical and drama productions spanning many years


Our State of the Art Production House has produced wonderful projects over the decades under both National and State Banners

Renewable Projects

Our Renewables Project and Survey Teams have done pioneering work on solar and wind energy

Climate Change

As effects of Climate Change profoundly change our World, our research and photography help understand what is happening to our lives


Institutional Partners spanning the Globe and Industry Partners across India, IAAN has some of the best collaborative networks Nationally

Mapping the Future

WIF's Pioneering Mapping the Future Project produces cutting edge research into the new and less understood issues of our times


AKS Theatre is a Special Drama House of our Companies, producing and enacting Nukkad Nataks on social issues

Our Offices

Our Offices are Located at New Friends Colony, New Delhi

Theatre & Arts

IAAN School is Cultural Patron of the Arts and students from the College have a rich history of the Preforming Arts

Bharat Yatra

Our Institutional Partnership with the Satyarthi Foundation is long enduring and deep rooted. We work on several projects with Mr. Kailash Satyarthi

Star Plus Daughter Initiative

IAAN is Proud that its Directors were Star Awardees for the Daughter Initiative and were honoured with Awards on National Television

Feeding the Poor

Providing Food to the needy is one of the core areas of work for our Charitable Trust, ensuring that no person goes hungry. Food safety is our motto

Healthcare & Medical

Delivering Last Mile Healthcare to the Village Level is a Focus Area of our Charitable Trust

Media Spotlight

The Charitable Activities of the Trust have been appreciated and highlighted on a regular basis across National, State and local Media

Partnership with the Police

The Trust works closely with Law Enforcement to ensure all cases of child sexual abuse and forced labour are reported immediately

Sanitation Drive

The Trust's Health and Sanitation Awareness Initiatives ensure that our streets and villages are safe places for communities to live in


The Trust has been providing Merit cum Means Scholarships to Successful students since the past 2 Decades

Sponsoring Rural Education

Education for All is the raison d'être for the Trust's Activities. Working in child education is our Core Focus Area


As NGO Partners under the Fit India Initiative, Multiple Sports Tournaments are organised in rural and urban clusters promoting sports

Tihar Jail

We work with Jail Authorities on Prisoner Rehabilitation Programs for convicts detained under civil cases

Widow Initiative

Fighting Stigma in Society, we work closely with Widows who have been abandoned by their families and ensure sustainable living for them

Special Interactions

The Publication hosts and covers special interactions with Ministerial and Diplomatic Persons across the Globe


Our Excellent Young Team of Reporters provide comprehensive coverage on all issues of societal and national importance

Election Coverage

Un-biased Election Coverage and political reporting is the Hallmark of our New Media Channels


IAAN's rich heritage of Interviews and conversations have enabled us to cross paths with the most dynamic people of our Era

Live Coverage

Our New Media Channel Provides Live and to the point coverage of important events unfolding across the world


Our State of the Art Newsroom provides 360 Degree coverage opportunities focussed around In-House Reporting

Outdoor Shoots

Our Teams Specialise in Outdoor Shoots of all kinds. IAAN has covered many High-Profile events at the National and state level

Crime Reporting

IAAN TV takes students on Special Crime Reporting Beats and practical training sessions

Press Cards

To encourage young journalists in the profession, IAAN TV which is a National Channel issues Official Press Cards to young talent

Team Over the Years

IAAN's Team of Reporters provide comprehensive coverage on all issues of National Importance

Video Covers

IAAN TV's Iconic Covers for our New Media Channel showcase some of the brilliant coverage done by our team over the years


The Publication covers High-Segment Strategic and International Affairs Conferences in the Capital, New Delhi

Partnership with FICCI

Our Institutional Partnership with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce in India, our young teams participate in FICCI Events

Indian Army Coverage

Our Special and Privileged Partnership with the Indian Armed Forces enables us to comprehensively cover Indian Army in all aspects of war fighting

Jaipur Literature Festival

The Publication covers JLF each Year and brings to the readers an all round coverage of the new ideas and political debates of the Country

Miss World India

IAAN witnesses and covers the Miss India Pageant in all its aspects and interviews the New Miss India and the Runner Ups

Ambassador Interviews

Under our special Diplomatic Coverage Initiative, Young Journalists interview Ambassadors from different Diplomatic Missions to India

Paper Launch

The New Editions of IAAN Express are launched every fortnight on the IAAN Campus and sent to our subscriber base digitally.

Studio Visits

IAAN School students go on regular studio visits to all National Media Channels in the Country and interact with Politicians, Celebrities, Sportsmen

International Connect

School students have the rare opportunity to meet with Diplomats and participate in International Events and Cultural Programs as part of our Institu

College Tour

Students go on an Educational Tour each year to explore, create new productions and have a bit of fun! From Rohtang Pass to Wagah Attari Border

Our Alumni

Our Alumni Network spans the Entire Country and the Globe. With over 5000+ practising journalists across National and International Media Houses


IAAN School has State of the Art Infrastructure to meet the needs of all students, across disciplines and specialities

Our Strength

Our strength lies in path breaking approaches to Education and New Media Technologies, from Artificial Intelligence to Nat Geo Camera Techniques

Events at IAAN

IAAN is a happening place with Events happening every other day. From student events to Professional Shoots, IAANians are busy changing the world

Party at IAAN

IAAN is famous for its Parties, be it the College Freshers and Farewell or random Pizza Parties and Burger stakeouts. We love to eat !

National Press Day

IAAN has always been a Special Invitee to the National Press Day, amongst the select few Colleges of the Country who are recognised by the PCI Board

MD's Dinner

This is a Special Evening Hosted for Meritorious Students by the Managing Director himself, in a Special Dinner recognising Academic Achievement

Seminars at IAAN

Special Seminars are held at the College and across the Capital to inculcate the best knowledge standards amongst our students

National Gallery of Modern Art

Students undergo practical training and exposure at NGMA and get to cover some of the greatest artists in the World

Fashion Shows at IAAN

The College hosts and sends its students to various fashion shows across the city and to different universities to walk the Ramp

United Nations Visits

IAAN School has an academic partnership with United Nations, India ensuring that our students partake in all UN Activities

Govt. of India

Our longstanding partnership with Ministries and Department of Govt. of India, give our students access and opportunities in Journalism

Heritage Shoots

IAAN School curates special Heritage Shoots at National Monuments to bring out the best of photographic Talents and instil cultural appreciation

Tree Plantation Drive

Environmental consciousness is the Ethos at IAAN and every year, all our students, across batches undertake a thousand strong tree plantation drive

Academic Recognition

Academics is the Hallmark of an IAAN Education and is the backbone of our Educational Standards. We are proud to provide the finest of educations

School Adoption

The Trust has adopted various primary schools in the state of UP, and is responsible for the education of all students in these schools.