Shortage of clothes like school uniforms specially for children has a direct correlation to children dropping out of school

Clothing and Warmth

Clothing with Dignity

Our goal is to provide woolen clothing to people to help them survive the bitter winters in India.

Government of India statistics reveal that winters are the second major reason for deaths in the country, after lightning. Floods come third on this list. Statistics show that till 2007, 826 people died every year due to harsh winters in India. The death toll started to increase after 2007 due to a drop in winter temperatures. Between 2002 and 2012, as many as 10,740 people died from exposure to cold and avalanche. Clearly, hundreds of winter deaths are now considered “normal”, and there is no governmental effort to fight this increasing death toll. 

In all our years of providing proper warm clothing to the poor, we have reached a possible conclusion that it is not the cold that kills people, but the lack of clothing.

The Opportunity

Lack of clothing is the first visible sign of poverty. 

Clothes Bank is a unique initiative started in India to recycle and use thrown away garments and give to the needy