About 600 million people, more than half India’s population, are under 25 years old !!

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Welcome to the IAAN Family! We are amongst the oldest and best journalism and media college in Delhi NCR, India. 

We wish you the best possible education in media and a rewarding career after successful completion of your education. The Mantra for Success is to follow the right path and we build that path for you. Our Alumni are placed in Top National Media Houses, all over India and Abroad. You too can rise and fly high in your career with strong will power and hard labour.

Visit our Institute. We are eager to find out your potential, and guide you to success.

IAAN School of Mass Communication and Journalism must continuously identify, assimilate and deliver on the latest techniques in Journalism & Mass Media Education.

To innovative and specialize in offering the latest training methodologies using Production and Graphic Technologies. To continuously anticipate and understand the Industry's needs, expectations & problems and strive to turn those problems into opportunities for our students, thus ensuring competitive packages for them.

To work towards education in New Media Technologies that are causing the 4th Industrial Revolution.

To turn young students into good human beings who are mentally, technologically, intellectually and ethically aware of India's needs and aspirations, and work consistently to fulfill the Nation's vision of becoming a Leading Power. 

India needs 100 million new jobs by 2026. About 8.1 million jobs annually.