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We are a community of learning enriched by a wide range of experiences and perspectives of our students, faculty, staff and alumni. Students benefit from the extraordinary resources of a path-breaking institution dedicated to teaching and independent research, with specialized focus on intensive practical training and knowledge.


IAAN is one of the first Media institutes in the Country to offer classes on Artificial Intelligence and Defence Journalism.


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Classroom Verticals

Across different batches and courses of study, students are assimiliated with day-to-day events in the country, which are debated, discussed and understood in both theoratical set-ups as well as from a practicioners point of view. IAAN beleives that students must not be limited to the College, as the entire Capital is their classroom. 

Academic Recognition

Meritorius Students are recognised by the College at the end of every Semester. The students are formally invited to attend a Managing Director's Dinner, where they can personally interact with and share their experiences with the MD. IAAN places high value on academic excellence and our student ranks include University Gold Medalists.


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IAAN is a premier institution with national roots and interational connect. Our undergraduate and graduate programs emphasize learning, creativity, innovation and collaboration.

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Students can access important Academic Notifications in this section. All Jobs and Internships are available under Career and Opportunities.

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