IAAN Group. Inc is a consortium of Colleges, Companies, NGO's and Foundations working in the fields of education, media production, newspaper publishing, digital media channels, 4th industrial revolution technologies, global exchange of ideas, social empowerment and community welfare. Our Flagship organisation is IAAN School of Mass Communication, a Premier College of Journalism and Mass Communication in New Delhi & Gwalior for Post-Graduation, Graduation and Diploma Courses. Established in 1999, the College has a proven record in the Media Industry, having produced more than 5000 reporters, TV anchors, radio jockey's, video editors in different National and International Media Houses. Alongside the Media Education we also have our own Satellite Channel, Newspaper, Think Tank and Production House. We specialise in the media domain and are leading experts of the Industry. Over the past few years, we have entered into the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Reality as our new specialization fields.

Established 1999


Who We Are

We are Explorers. Creators. Entrepreneurs. Educators. Technocrats. Builders. We at are curious. Curious about the Human Potential and Idealistic about our Place in the world. We are IAAN

We harness the energy, dynamism and creativity of a young Nation to help build our Dream of a New India. The children of of our Country will grow up in a future Super-Power, yet still know what it means to belong. For India is above all a Living Civilisation. Our Work thus is to justice to this future while being grounded in our past. To create the next generation of leaders, thinkers, influencers and strategists while staying true to our aim of creating first and foremost Good Human Beings. This is IAAN. Yaha Insaan banane ki Kala Sikhai Jati Hai.

What We Do

"Our Ethos and Direction are aligned with National Interest"

ANUJ GARG - Chairman & Managing Director IAAN Group

Our History

Humble Origins. IAAN's history is a reflection of impossible ideas and recognisable hard work. From a small office space in North Delhi, to our current position, IAAN is constantly adapting itself to the changing realities of our times. We are proud of where we come from.

Our Vision

New Beginnings. At the Heart of IAAN is each individual, who's story and memories of us, make us who we are. Our Vision is that of Compassion and Ingenuity. We have Dared to Dream. And we are ready for the pain in our wings as we fly high.