Life Inside the Classroom

In the classroom, students undergo practical training and set up a solid theoratical foundation in their courses. It is On Camera and On the Spot from Day 1.



Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the classroom, students have countless avenues to explore new interests, connect with others and build community in ways that both support and challenge them. 


Across campus, students pursue a wide range of interests that make IAAN a diverse community of endless discovery with an array of intellectual, cultural, social and public service events.

You can access the detailed College Infrastructure and Facilities here .

Student Showcase

Profile: A variety of talents are recognised by the College and students are given the equipment to hone their interests. IAAN's Music Room features an electric guitar, 64 key digital keyboard and a special drum set.



Profile: IAAN has a fully equipped Newsroom for students to go live on television bulletins. The Newsroom has a state of the art teleprompter set-up, that provides students with Industry standard news reading training.

On Air at IAAN


Profile: IAAN has an exceptionally well equipped Library, with multitude of research books and reading material for students. Students can avail the resources of the library anytime they want.

Research at IAAN

Boys & Girls Hostel

Profile: IAAN has separate Hostels for Boys & Girls with well furnished rooms, having a homely atmosphere. 24/7 Campus Security is present and students enjoy Movie Nights, DJ Party's, Birthdays every month.

Living AT IAAN

College Mess

Profile: The College Mess provides fresh and healthy food to students with a diverse menu on offer. Students themselves decide the food menu so that they get what they want.



Profile: Theatre or Rangmanch hold a sacred place in India, and IAAN specialises in theatre and drama. With a specially built in-house theatre, IAAN students get to experience a world on its own.


Visit Us

IAAN is well known for its events and activities, with students averaging an activity a day. Visit us and students can learn more about the Dynamic world of Media events and culture.