IAAN aspires to equitable business. The Future is now.
IAAN Creation Pvt. Ltd

Business is an aspiration and we have the drive to turn it into reality

As part of the 2018 College and University Educators Workshop, Toja Okoh, Craig Albert, and Karen Lynden joined Daniel Kurtz-Phelan to discuss CFR and Foreign Affairs resources for the classroom, including Model Diplomacy, World101, and the Academic Conference Call series.

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Our Business Model is aligned with National Interest

Be among the top 10 global independent hydrocarbon producers in next 10 years with a target sustainable production of 1 MMBOEPD

Bring no harm to people and environment, safety is paramount (Zero accidents, 100% compliance)

Be recognised as a "Partner of choice" for our stakeholders, building strong relationships which are of mutual advantage

Be India's top player across the gas value chain

Have best-in-class people, processes and technology1